Little Love

Sweet Jonah, you are 16 months old today. Where does the time go? Can it be that our tiny glow worm is really walking, talking, jumping and playing? Just yesterday you were being placed in my arms for the first time.

Now you run over and say "Hiii!" or "Ut, peash" (up, please). I can't believe how big you are, how amazing you are.

You're curious about life, constantly discovering new things. You mimick your daddy's every action, and love helping your mommy. I love your beautiful smile, your bright blue eyes, and your incredible personality. My heart smiles when I hear your giggle, see your eyes light up at daddy, or hear you say "mama".

I call you a tiny tornado.

You're always working, never still. You say so many words, know what lots of animals say, and have started using the big boy potty some. I can't do anything for you anymore, you love to do it all yourself. You're intense, but also intensely wonderful.

You still need me to rock you to sleep at night, and I treasure that time. I sit and look at you as you fall asleep in my arms, pray for you, take you in. I try to soak up every minute with you, not take these days for granted. I pray that I am the mother God calls me to be, and that I set forth an example of Christ for you. Before long, you'll be grown. I know you will be an amazing man. But for now, just be my sweet baby. Stay curious, innocent. Don't grow up too fast, little love, you have plenty of time for that.

I love you, baby boy, with all my heart I love you.


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