I'm overdue. Or my blog is. For an update, that is.
Life has been so busy, just flying by, and it seems this blog has really taken a back burner.
Like a May9thwasmylastpostandit'sDecember8th back burner.
Sorry for the seven month hiatus. Now without further ado....a list-style update.

  • Andrew was blessed with a wonderful job.
  • We moved to North Carolina. 
  • We are living oh so close to both of our families, and enjoying their closeness.
  • Jonah turned TWO! Can you believe it? Our sweet little bundle of love has been with us for two years and counting. My, how good God is. 
  • Andrew travels quite frequently with his company. Which is good, in that he's seeing and doing so many amazing things, and not so good, in that he's away from us more than I prefer.
  • Visive Photography is continuing to grow. It's an amazing opportunity to have my passion double as a job.
  • We all miss Florida, and the beach. Jonah drives his toy boats in the yard (we have a yard!) and says "Loot, Mama, my waves!" What an imagination that boy has. Thankfully, my parents are more than gracious with allowing us to use their beach house, which is only 3 hours away.
  • We got a puppy. Her name is Chelsea. She's going to be big. Really big. More on her in another post.
  • Jonah is almost potty trained, has a love for all tractors, and thinks birthdays are called "tuptates" (that's cupcakes for those of you who don't speak Roweling). 
  • We are attending a church that we have grown to love, and feel led to become involved.
  • I joined a MOPS group, and love it.
I really thought that list would be much longer, but I guess I just hit the high notes. I'm planning to backdate some posts of pictures of the past several months. I have actually written several blog posts, but failed to publish them as I was lacking the motivation to post this update post. Anyway, my motivation returned (a little down time may have helped!), and is here to stay!

Over the past few months, so much has changed in our life. From big to little, inward to outward. Our location, our jobs, our commitments...our hearts. Andrew and I have both changed. Jonah has certainly changed. And I believe all these changes have been good changes. I'm sure I'll post more about some of these later. God is at work in our lives, and it is so evident. The things He has been convicting us of, leading us to, the changes He is making in our hearts...I'm anxious to see what He has in store for us. Change is often difficult for me, but I find so much peace in knowing that God is a constant amid all change. His love never fails. 

"And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." -Philippians 4:7


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