My One Word.

Happy New Year!

We traveled to Oak Island on Thursday night to ring in the new year quietly.
It was so peaceful, so needed.
We were blessed with time to relax and enjoy each other.
Jonah was thrilled to be at the beach again, exclaiming "Oh my goodness!"
as soon as he saw the waves. That babe is so precious.
And such a Florida boy.

A new year brings opportunity to make new changes. New goals.
This year, the theme I've chosen to focus on is one that I so wish I already possessed.
And one I touched on in my last post.
My one word for 2011 is discipline.
I need to be more disciplined in every aspect of my life.
From my quiet time, to my schedule, to doing the laundry, to my business.
Discipline is a problem for me.
I need to get up early to have my quiet time- but I'm not disciplined enough.
I need to set a schedule to be productive- but I'm not disciplined enough to stick to it.
I need to go to the gym every day- but I'm not disciplined enough.
The list goes on.
See a pattern?

I do. So this year, with God's grace, I will focus on setting certain disciplines,
and becoming more disciplined overall.
Lord willing, I will end 2011 a more disciplined, productive woman and mom
after God's heart.

What's your word?


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