B is for Banana...and Beach!

It's been such a lovely weekend here. Last night our Lifegroup from church enjoyed Ladies' Night and Man Date night. The ladies enjoyed wine, conversation and a fun jewelry party while the fellas played ping pong and did man things. It's nice to be growing relationships with others who are on the same page in life as us and have the same beliefs as us. I somehow agreed to host a jewelry party at our place next month, and while I usually am not a big fan of parties where people feel the need to buy things,  I'll admit I'm a little excited. That might have been swayed by the amount of free jewelry I can get. But whatever. I love having people over.

Today, we enjoyed the heck out of Andrew being in town. We slept in (a little too late, really), had coffee and family grocery shopping, then soaked up the sun out on the beach for the rest of the day. We finished up the day with drinks by the pool, and I'm blogging quickly before a movie on cuddled up on the couch with my love. Ah...weekends! 

We are heading to Tallahassee after church tomorrow. Andrew has a meeting there on Monday, and Jonah and I like to tag along (we play at the hotel while he works). It's always an adventure! 

Because I'm a delinquent blogger, I figured while I have the time tonight I would go ahead and post a new letter printable. Bananas are one of Jonah's staple foods, so fittingly, B is for Banana. B week is a fun week for us, because we do lots of fun things like blowing bubbles, making banana smoothies, and blowing up balloons...amongst other things, but those are the ones that stood out in my head. And now, thinking of B's, I'm really craving brownies. Mmm. Maybe we should have made brownies instead of banana smoothies. Ahem.

Off to enjoy a movie with my beloved. Okay that was cheesy. Enjoy the printable. Share links to how your child(ren) used it!


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