That's the sound of the last five months rushing past.

Ready for a flooding of updates?

We have been traveling for most of that time, with little pockets of delightful rest worked in throughout. I am so thankful that Andrew has a job that allows us to travel as a family more often than not. We have explored lots of new places, and had daring adventures. 

Okay, maybe not so daring.

As I write, I'm swinging at a park overlooking the water in Cedar Key, FL.

Andrew came here with his dad as a child, so on the way from Panama City to Tampa we decided to take a detour. It's so neat to see places that were a part of his childhood.

Tonight we will be in Tampa, and then in Sarasota. We will be heading to NC for a visit on Sunday.  I have lots of sessions booked, so Jonah and I are staying until the following weekend. Andrew will be flying out that Thursday to go to Chicago. SO. Busy.

In the last year, Andrew has traveled over 50,000 miles. Fifty THOUSAND. That's crazy to me. I never imagined we'd be a jet-set couple, or that my husband would be. But it's all a kindness of the Lord. Andrew has been able to see and do so many interesting things, and God has truly blessed his efforts at work. I admire him for all of the hard work he puts in. How he manages it all I have no idea, but he does, and he does it well and then some. I am a blessed woman. Jonah doesn't like it when his daddy leaves...and he always tries to go with him. That boy loves his daddy.

In the last few months, we've been to NC several times, taken Jonah to Disney, Tampa, celebrated our anniversary at Disney, made huge business decisions for Visive, found a church, and somehow managed to squeeze in dates nights and time to relax. Well, maybe not much of the latter, but some.

God has truly blessed us in so many ways. It's amazing to look back at our family this time last year, and see how far He has brought us. Jonah is an incredible little man....he's healthy, smart, intense, and precious. And intense, did I mention that?! He talks nonstop. I'm pretty sure he just says any and everything that pops into his head, which makes conversations with him a little hard to follow sometimes. And really funny...like belly-laughing funny. He's growing a lot, too! He's actually in the 79th percentile for height, which is a big deal for this little shrimp. He loves staying in hotels because he gets to jump on the bed. Thankfully, he's a traveling rockstar. He never complains and seems to really enjoy all the new places.

We've decided that homeschooling is the route we will take with Jonah. I went to school for elementary ed, so I'm at least mildly qualified. It's fitting that this endeavor would start now, at preschool (However, I just misspelled preschool so I'm not entirely sure what that says..thanks, spell check!). Anyway, I've started developing lesson plans, and think maybe I'll share some of the printables I'm making with you all here on my blog. Ya know, just in case anyone wants them. Homeschooling is a fun addition to our adventures, because we can't just "take off school" when we're on the road. We do lots of hands on learning, but I think this time is really prepping me for the future and needing to fit in full days of school on an ever-changing schedule (for now, we do 20-30 minutes of school time each day).

Home is Jacksonville again. We love it here, and when the opportunity arose, we couldn't not come back. We've been here since late April, and are soaking it up. My business is starting to pick back up. Moving back and forth wasn't exactly great for gaining clients in either state, but God is bigger than geography, and has shown me that. Not only that, but now I have so much fun shooting in both NC and FL. I am so very thankful...few people get to call something they are passionate about their job. I have that times two. 

Okay, we're on the road again....


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